With its View 20, can Honor become the world leader in smartphones?

Honora, a Huawei’s subsidiary, recently needed to rent the famous Pleyel room in Paris France for the worldwide launch of their new smartphone. It confirms the brand’s mid-range positioning without renouncing to integrate technological improvements.

Did you like to use a smartphone?

Well, now you should be able to play more. It seemed to be the subliminal message of the presentation of the new smartphone model from Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei. Nowadays, there is more excitement about the integrated camera and image quality for the game than about the voice transmission performance. Very smart and no longer a real phone, here comes the time for the Honor View 20.

The launch of the latest one took place in Paris, Salle Pleyel, on Tuesday 22 January 2019, in front of an international audience of journalists and now indispensable influencers, quick to applaud each announcement by George Zhao, Honor’s president.

Full screen and 3D

Thus, the president’s great pride comes from the fullscreen without a notch. The smartphone’s screen area is larger, thanks in particular to the size of the camera lens, which reduced to 6.7 millimeters. But this is not at the expense of picture quality; the camera has a Sony 48 megapixel lens. They hid the 25-megapixel front camera (essential for selfies) in a discreet circular notch. Another unique attraction of the device is a 3D camera.

These options are not a coincidence regarding brand positioning. A brand focused on the mid-range market; Honor aims a rather young and dynamic audience — the kind who uses his phone to take pictures or play video games. And to make the message that Honor is a brand for young people, it has signed a partnership with the Moschino fashion brand, which has approved two special series featuring elements of the brand, the teddy bear and the double question mark.

A mid-range price

Compared to the cost of Honor’s previous smartphones, the latter is significantly more expensive than the first models sold in Europe. However, it is much cheaper (549 or 649 euros depending on the size of the memory) than the latest version of Apple’s iPhone.
Honor is participating in Huawei’s strategy to win market share by targeting a target that is fond of smartphones at the highest technical level at an affordable price: young people.

The Huawei group very quickly conquered the Chinese market, where it ranks number 1. International growth (excluding China) reached 170% in 2018. In the third quarter of 2018, the group was number two worldwide, with a market share of 13.4% compared to 18.9% for Samsung and 11.8% for Apple, according to Gartner.