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High Tech Cleaning Gadgets for your house

High Tech Cleaning Gadget to Make Household Chores More Interesting

Tired of running after housekeeping? Want to have more time for you and your family ?

The beautiful days are coming soon, and our everyday life is transformed. The sun goes down later at night; we want to go out, to walk in the parks, do some picnics …
In short, we want everything, except perhaps spending hours to do the housework.

Here are five pieces of technology that will help to make house cleaning a breeze!

Smartphone Apps

All4home: Hundreds of tricks in your mobile!

all4home apps for cleaning choresHere is the ideal application for all those who struggle to organize their cleaning tasks. In addition to a very practical planning, All4Home presents itself as a real household assistant with its “tricks at random” and its awesome video tutorials. Perfect to get out of all the small issues of everyday life.

And if you are not stingy of good advice, you can also share your tips with other users. Online community support and digital go hand in hand!

OurHome: the ultimate home application

Let’s present our favorite App : OurHome. Why ? Because this Smartphone App is the most complete of the series.

OurHome is indeed a “private social network.” A real digital extension of your home. Find all the essential functions in one application: housekeeping, child involvement, reward system, shopping list and even a chat system to stay connected with everyone. We love!


Steam cleaner makes you happy

example of steam mop cleanerSanitize, clean, and dissolve dirt in no time: these are the three most important actions of steam cleaners. Thanks to them, you can ensure the maintenance of your entire home, from floor to ceiling: tiles, fabric sofas, sanitary ware, kitchen, but also car interior, terraces, and gardens. Remain to choose the one that suits you best.

A steam mop model is a good place to start but if you are serious about it you might want to consider buying a more bulky one like the Karcher SC5 for example !
AquaLift Self-Cleaning Technology

Nowadays, the vast majority of cooks have the function of self-cleaning. The principle is simple: the oven locks and heats to an extremely high temperature for an average of three hours. All the dirt is therefore reduced to ash. The process is very effective but has its share of irritants. Indeed, such intense heat for such a long period consumes a lot of energy. Also, a strong smell of burning is expected for a few hours (it is better to open the windows). Some manufacturers even recommend keeping pets away from the stove during cleaning! For these reasons, many people do not use (or little) self-cleaning, even if they have paid for it.

Some manufacturers even recommend keeping pets away from the stove during cleaning! For these reasons, many people do not use (or little) self-cleaning, even if they have paid for it.

MamiRobot SEVIAN K7 Titanium

It is a model of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner with a hand vacuum integrated wireless. It allows a complete and compact cleaning for a little more than 300 USD.

MamiRobot SEVIAN K7 TitaniumAdvanced functions: the device has several advantages:

Ultra-absorbent microfiber wipe is used for cleaning before and after cleaning. Naturally, impregnate it with a detergent and then it is used dry. Five wipes are also provided for purchase.
It is silent with its 55dB and, considering its cyclonic aspiration, the ratio power/noise is very impressive.

Easy access to the menu thanks to the digital screen.
A fast charging time is equal to its autonomy (2 hours). It is one of the devices that load pretty quickly.

We hope this will help you get rid of this unpleasant feeling when cleaning your home !