meet new pixel phone

Quick review of the Google Pixels


Whether we like the Pixel design or not, let’s face it with its glazed finishing and the rest of the aluminum shell, all those who have it in hand agree on at least one point: Finishes are exemplary.

google first real flagship phoneFrom the front panel, we could guess that the competition with the iPhone was back on, but its back is fairly unique in its kind with its double texture, and it is an element that is often sought when buying a smartphone.
It is not perfect for all that, and some regret the plastic bar for the antenna on the lower part, much more discreet or non-existent on some current high-end smartphones.

Some like it a lot; others do not hesitate to say that it is an empty feature, a mundane hull, only serving as support for the new software version proposed by Google.

All agree however that the front facade is a mess for ergonomics. Well, Google?

Why did you place the sensors underneath the loudspeaker rather than next to save space?
Why did you give the phone asymmetrical nose so protruding that even a Jew would become jealous of it? Why not take advantage of this unused space to integrate a dual loudspeaker on the front or capacitive keys and thus gain space on the screen?

Here are so many questions that can be found in different forms in almost all the reviews of Pixel and its big brother, the Pixel XL.

Fortunately, the grip is good, and its rounded corners do not bristle the palm. Furthermore, the fingerprint sensor falls quickly under the finger, even on the XL version.

However, Mashable points out that the device quickly becomes slippery.


The top of the hardware


very good in hand

Headphone jack, USB Type-C, AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 821, fast charging … Google wanted to make its Pixel a technological benchmark at the end of 2016 and apparently managed this move pretty well.
All those who have the Pixel in hand guarantee it, this is a high-end smartphone, and Android Police specifies besides that it is a “legitimate competitor” to the iPhone.

Difficult nevertheless in a few minutes to make a real impression of its performances.

The Pixel (1080p) and Pixel XL (Quad HD) screens seem nevertheless of quality, and TechCrunch greets, for example, the condition of the blacks of the AMOLED. For its part, TheVerge supports its brightness and reactivity, very useful in both cases.

We expected no less for a smartphone that wants to compete with the bests on the market.


The best camera on the market according to Google


The Pixel camera is talking about it because if it does not have an optical stabilizer, it still managed to take the best score ever obtained on DxOMark, the site specialized in digital photography.

On the spot, journalists do not have enough opportunity to carry out varied tests, but all seem to have come out amazed. Engadget speaks for example of an “unexpected level of detail for 12 megapixels”, while Mashable evokes an impressive trigger speed.

A point is unanimous in all reviews.