Optishokz Revvez: bone conduction on the podium

The Chinese manufacturer of bone conduction headphones Aftershokz launches its Optishokz eyewear brand. And it uses its technology with Revvez, a pair of sunglasses mainly dedicated to athletes.

We knew the Aftershokz Air Trekz Air headphones. Using the bone conduction process developed by the Chinese firm, the device plays music through two “headphones” placed at the front of the tragus. Its interest: to allow you to listen (or rather to hear, shall we say!) music with your ears free and open to outside noise. The sound heard is transmitted through a wave reflected by the bones and cartilage to the eardrum. 

Today, Aftershokz launches its subsidiary Optishokz dedicated to eyewear and Revvez, its first product. With Revvez, Optishokz uses a pair of sunglasses to developing its process. This one is primarily dedicated to athletes. Its goal is to allow joggers, cyclists, skiers, and other golfers to listen to Bluetooth music from their smartphones while maintaining full awareness of their acoustic environment.

Appearances can be deceiving. Optishokz Revvez glasses look like a classic pair of sports glasses. They are available with four types of interchangeable polycarbonate glasses (translucent, blue, orange, grey). 

The titanium temples of the lenses are quite broad, if not thick. Aftershokz has managed to house all its technology there without anyone knowing it with the naked eye. In addition to a socket to recharge the integrated battery, various buttons appear under the right branch: ON/OFF and pairing; volume. All this remains very discreet. At the end of the temples, small articulated transducers that will be glued to the back of the ears. The glasses come with a large storage box. If it protects them entirely, it is a little voluminous.

Ergonomics and use

The glasses can be connected via Bluetooth (4.2) through the use of a smartphone. Once correctly positioned and the transducers perfectly curved and placed behind the earlobes, the magic happens: the diffused sound is of course. The feeling is quite disconcerting at first. Not only is it possible to listen to music (but also to have a phone conversation), but also, we remain 100% attentive to our environment. Thus, we immediately become aware of the benefits of the technology that allows us to be in perfect harmony with our external environment — the apparent advantage: safety. When running or cycling, any external noise is usually heard, and you can protect yourself from a car, for example.

Performance and versatility

Not enough to cry “victory” however: the sound produced by Revvez glasses can never be compared to the sound quality provided by a classic headphone. It is much more sober, flat, almost without bass (even if Optishokz claims some!). It also lacks fishing and dynamics. Don’t imagine putting your Revives on your nose and listening religiously to your favorite albums while playing golf in the sunshine of your favorite green. It is more of an additional listening than an audiophile listening. Even if the process is utterly amazing, it is still impossible to ask bone conduction what it cannot offer. 

Revvez glasses remain a sports accessory above all, much more than an audio headset they could claim to be. We have worn them several times, and they are pleasant to have on your nose. They hold perfectly in place when you are on the move. The Revvez also come with 6-hour battery life and IP 55 protection rating. This means you can also play golf in the rain. It should be noted that the lenses of the glasses are UV 400 protected, thus filtering 100% of the sun’s rays.