New Nintendo Switch is Out!

Released a week ago, the new Nintendo console wants to erase the failure of the Wii U by focusing on mobility and targeting young adults.

Friday March 3rd. the Japanese manufacturer launched its new console, the Switch, sold 300 euros. Its main mission will be to erase the failure of its previous console, the Wii U, released in 2012 and sold only 13 million copies. For this, Nintendo bet on a concept: mobility.

● One console, three possibilities

The Nintendo Switch is an hybrid console, allowing you to play anywhere. It can connect to a television (TV mode), but also be unclipped from its base. The Switch turns into a tablet, with joysticks and control buttons which can also be detached. This gives you a mobile game screen that can be placed on a table and can be use by one or two players.

The idea of Nintendo is to allow a great flexibility of use. The player can start his game on the TV, switch to tablet mode to free the home screen, and take his Switch out of his home. According to the first returns of the specialized press, the console would be more pleasant to use in “mobile” mode, thanks to its wide and beautiful screen. Its technical performances far outclass the current mobile consoles (Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita), but remain below competitors’ consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One). The Switch is also a gaming machine more pleasant than a classic tablet thanks to its controller and will eventually offer a more qualitative and ambitious game selection. One little problem though is the battery. It will be necessary to connect its Switch approximately every three hours in mobile mode.

● Targeting young adults

If Nintendo says it is for all age groups, the Switch seems especially suitable for adults, who no longer have the possibility to stay hours in front of their television. Walk of the dog, long trips in public transport or screen monopolized by the family, the Switch promises to be usable at any time. The first advertisements feature urban youngsters who play this console during festivals, on plane, on train, at the university but also during breaks in the office!

● Limited selection of games at the moment

For its launch, the Switch can count on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the new opus in open world of the famous Nintendo saga of adventure games. The game is praised by the specialized press. The rest of the original selection is less exciting. Except for 1-2 Switch, a party game from Nintendo, and Snipperclips, the other games are just new versions of existing titles on other consoles (Just Dance 2017, Skylanders Imaginators, Shovel Knight …). It will take another few months before we see Mario Kart, announced for this summer, and Super Mario Odyssey for the end of the year. The quality and diversity of games on Switch will be crucial to the long-term success of the console.

To play online, the owners of the console will have to pay a subscription from this fall. The price and terms have not yet been disclosed. We only know that the voice chat and matchmaking features (training a group of players of similar levels) will go through a mobile application. Subscribers will also be able to download free Nintendo successes from the 1990s.

The Switch is for the moment a machine dedicated exclusively to the game. No YouTube, Netflix, Spotify or even Internet browser! These media applications are however very popular on game consoles. Nevertheless, Nintendo said they would be added later.