mighty vape reviewed

Mighty Convection/Conduction Hybrid Vaporizer Review

The Mighty has a Hybrid heating system, i. e. it works with a clever mix of convection and conduction.

Convection is when hot air passes through the plant to extract the active ingredients.

Conduction, on the other hand, is used when there is direct contact between the plant and the heating element.

It is precisely the perfect combination of the two that allows the Mighty vaporizer to have such a sufficient vapor continuously!

The perfectly controlled conduction heating of the Mighty portable vape makes it possible to generate a rich, tasty and generous vapor very quickly while keeping total control of the heating temperature thanks to its exceptionally efficient convection system.

Conversely, some 100% convection vaporizers may take some time to produce a high vapor and also require long and slow inhalations to get an acceptable result.

In the end, the use of the Mighty is not at all technical and a beginner can produce a good cloud of vapor from its first use without any problem.

However, you will find more reviews online. The Storz and Bickel flagship product is a vaporizer with a predominantly convection heating, and the length of the inhalations is therefore still significant.

As with all vaporizers, the first puffs are the most aromatic, but depending on the plants, it will take on average several minutes to inhale all its active ingredients.

mighty next to crafty vaporizer

Vapor quality of the Mighty!

The vapor quality is fantastic with this portable vape as you get a mix of both worlds.

Convection allows for quality extraction, and tasty vapor and conduction helps getting these more significant clouds!

Mighty: Battery, heating time, and autonomy at the top!

Here are some batteries with functional autonomy for a portable vape!

The two lithium-ion batteries in the Mighty vaporizer provide approximately one hour of battery life.

It corresponds to about six sessions of 10 minutes each, but it remains an average since not everyone uses it the same way. We often managed to do around eight bowls with one battery!

Indeed, you can always reduce by at least two the operating times announced by the manufacturers.

The Mighty can also be used immediately during charging!

In terms of heating time, it remains correct since it reaches 180°C in about 80 seconds, which is not at all excessive. It is a session vaporizer.

A temperature range adapted to all plants and concentrates!

Thanks to its wide temperature range (40°C – 210°C) and especially its fabulous heating technique, it is possible to spray any aromatic plant or herbal medicine practically.

For aromatherapy concentrates, an official accessory called a dosing capsule with a liquid pad is perfectly adapted since it protects the Mighty’s stainless steel bowl very well.

If you don’t have one, organic cotton can do the trick.

Some people blame the Mighty for his temperature capped at 210°C. Not me!

Ergonomics and use of the Mighty vaporizer

Okay, the Mighty is not the smallest of portable vaporizers!

However, its grip is very well adapted to the position of the fingers and fits perfectly in the hands even though mine are quite tiny!

How the Mighty vaporizer works

Very straightforward here with three buttons!

On/Off: Press the main button

Raise / Lower the temperature: The two buttons with the arrows.

Boost mode: Press the main button 2X quickly, and it will heat directly to the boosted temperature.

You can, of course, change the boosted temperature displayed, and the temperature difference between the base temperature and the increased temperature will be kept in memory for future sessions!

Conclusion of this test!

The Mighty and Crafty vaporizers are clearly by far the best portable battery vaporizers on the market.

So, know that you will necessarily win if you acquire a mighty for all the positive points mentioned above.

Of course, it may seem a little expensive, but it is the choice of quality and excellence!


The Mighty vaporizer Pack includes

– 1 Mighty spray bottle

– One mains supply

– 1 Liquid Pad pad (for concentrates)

– Three replacement grids

– One cleaning brush

– One grinder

– One filling aid accessory

– 1 set of replacement seals

– One instruction manual