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Optishokz Revvez: bone conduction on the podium

The Chinese manufacturer of bone conduction headphones Aftershokz launches its Optishokz eyewear brand. And it uses its technology with Revvez, a pair of sunglasses mainly dedicated to athletes.

We knew the Aftershokz Air Trekz Air headphones. Using the bone conduction process developed by the Chinese firm, the device plays music through two “headphones” placed at the front of the tragus. Its interest: to allow you to listen (or rather to hear, shall we say!) music with your ears free and open to outside noise. The sound heard is transmitted through a wave reflected by the bones and cartilage to the eardrum. 

Today, Aftershokz launches its subsidiary Optishokz dedicated to eyewear and Revvez, its first product. With Revvez, Optishokz uses a pair of sunglasses to developing its process. This one is primarily dedicated to athletes. Its goal is to allow joggers, cyclists, skiers, and other golfers to listen to Bluetooth music from their smartphones while maintaining full awareness of their acoustic environment.

Appearances can be deceiving. Optishokz Revvez glasses look like a classic pair of sports glasses. They are available with four types of interchangeable polycarbonate glasses (translucent, blue, orange, grey). 

The titanium temples of the lenses are quite broad, if not thick. Aftershokz has managed to house all its technology there without anyone knowing it with the naked eye. In addition to a socket to recharge the integrated battery, various buttons appear under the right branch: ON/OFF and pairing; volume. All this remains very discreet. At the end of the temples, small articulated transducers that will be glued to the back of the ears. The glasses come with a large storage box. If it protects them entirely, it is a little voluminous.

Ergonomics and use

The glasses can be connected via Bluetooth (4.2) through the use of a smartphone. Once correctly positioned and the transducers perfectly curved and placed behind the earlobes, the magic happens: the diffused sound is of course. The feeling is quite disconcerting at first. Not only is it possible to listen to music (but also to have a phone conversation), but also, we remain 100% attentive to our environment. Thus, we immediately become aware of the benefits of the technology that allows us to be in perfect harmony with our external environment — the apparent advantage: safety. When running or cycling, any external noise is usually heard, and you can protect yourself from a car, for example.

Performance and versatility

Not enough to cry “victory” however: the sound produced by Revvez glasses can never be compared to the sound quality provided by a classic headphone. It is much more sober, flat, almost without bass (even if Optishokz claims some!). It also lacks fishing and dynamics. Don’t imagine putting your Revives on your nose and listening religiously to your favorite albums while playing golf in the sunshine of your favorite green. It is more of an additional listening than an audiophile listening. Even if the process is utterly amazing, it is still impossible to ask bone conduction what it cannot offer. 

Revvez glasses remain a sports accessory above all, much more than an audio headset they could claim to be. We have worn them several times, and they are pleasant to have on your nose. They hold perfectly in place when you are on the move. The Revvez also come with 6-hour battery life and IP 55 protection rating. This means you can also play golf in the rain. It should be noted that the lenses of the glasses are UV 400 protected, thus filtering 100% of the sun’s rays.

mighty vape reviewed

Mighty Convection/Conduction Hybrid Vaporizer Review

The Mighty has a Hybrid heating system, i. e. it works with a clever mix of convection and conduction.

Convection is when hot air passes through the plant to extract the active ingredients.

Conduction, on the other hand, is used when there is direct contact between the plant and the heating element.

It is precisely the perfect combination of the two that allows the Mighty vaporizer to have such a sufficient vapor continuously!

The perfectly controlled conduction heating of the Mighty portable vape makes it possible to generate a rich, tasty and generous vapor very quickly while keeping total control of the heating temperature thanks to its exceptionally efficient convection system.

Conversely, some 100% convection vaporizers may take some time to produce a high vapor and also require long and slow inhalations to get an acceptable result.

In the end, the use of the Mighty is not at all technical and a beginner can produce a good cloud of vapor from its first use without any problem.

However, you will find more reviews online. The Storz and Bickel flagship product is a vaporizer with a predominantly convection heating, and the length of the inhalations is therefore still significant.

As with all vaporizers, the first puffs are the most aromatic, but depending on the plants, it will take on average several minutes to inhale all its active ingredients.

mighty next to crafty vaporizer

Vapor quality of the Mighty!

The vapor quality is fantastic with this portable vape as you get a mix of both worlds.

Convection allows for quality extraction, and tasty vapor and conduction helps getting these more significant clouds!

Mighty: Battery, heating time, and autonomy at the top!

Here are some batteries with functional autonomy for a portable vape!

The two lithium-ion batteries in the Mighty vaporizer provide approximately one hour of battery life.

It corresponds to about six sessions of 10 minutes each, but it remains an average since not everyone uses it the same way. We often managed to do around eight bowls with one battery!

Indeed, you can always reduce by at least two the operating times announced by the manufacturers.

The Mighty can also be used immediately during charging!

In terms of heating time, it remains correct since it reaches 180°C in about 80 seconds, which is not at all excessive. It is a session vaporizer.

A temperature range adapted to all plants and concentrates!

Thanks to its wide temperature range (40°C – 210°C) and especially its fabulous heating technique, it is possible to spray any aromatic plant or herbal medicine practically.

For aromatherapy concentrates, an official accessory called a dosing capsule with a liquid pad is perfectly adapted since it protects the Mighty’s stainless steel bowl very well.

If you don’t have one, organic cotton can do the trick.

Some people blame the Mighty for his temperature capped at 210°C. Not me!

Ergonomics and use of the Mighty vaporizer

Okay, the Mighty is not the smallest of portable vaporizers!

However, its grip is very well adapted to the position of the fingers and fits perfectly in the hands even though mine are quite tiny!

How the Mighty vaporizer works

Very straightforward here with three buttons!

On/Off: Press the main button

Raise / Lower the temperature: The two buttons with the arrows.

Boost mode: Press the main button 2X quickly, and it will heat directly to the boosted temperature.

You can, of course, change the boosted temperature displayed, and the temperature difference between the base temperature and the increased temperature will be kept in memory for future sessions!

Conclusion of this test!

The Mighty and Crafty vaporizers are clearly by far the best portable battery vaporizers on the market.

So, know that you will necessarily win if you acquire a mighty for all the positive points mentioned above.

Of course, it may seem a little expensive, but it is the choice of quality and excellence!


The Mighty vaporizer Pack includes

– 1 Mighty spray bottle

– One mains supply

– 1 Liquid Pad pad (for concentrates)

– Three replacement grids

– One cleaning brush

– One grinder

– One filling aid accessory

– 1 set of replacement seals

– One instruction manual

the Vive Focus

HTC Launches First Wireless Headset

new vr headset in the gameThe Vive Focus, the first product launched by HTC after its release from the mobile activity, is a response to the Occulus Go of Facebook.

A new model has just enriched the virtual reality sector. On November 13th, the Taiwanese HTC unveiled its Vive Focus, its second virtual reality helmet after the HTC Vive, launched in 2015. What makes it special? No cables, PCs or smartphones are required to operate.

The Vive Focus will only be available for the Chinese market,” warns the Taiwanese company. This product still represents a response to Facebook’s proprietary Occulus, which launched its first wireless virtual reality helmet, the Oculus Go, last October.

A first launch after the acquisition by Google

This launch is also the first after Google’s acquisition of HTC’s mobile division by Google last September. The struggling business was purchased for only $1.1 billion. Virtual reality is now HTC’s core business, and HTC has high hopes for a recovery.

virtual reality is boomingIn fact, in detail, the Vive Focus features a Snapdragon 835 processor, Qualcomm’s best-in-class processor, AMOLED screen and low latency display. As Numerama points out, the company claims to be the first in the world to offer an all-in-one helmet with a 6-degree tracking inside-out. In short, to have the feeling that the movements are relayed in the virtual world smoothly and precisely.

The second generation of headsets

More interestingly, the Vive Focus and the Occulus Go form the new generation of virtual reality helmets. Cheaper (around 200 euros), wireless and not requiring high-powered computers and sensors in the room, these VR headsets hope to be the real launchers of virtual reality.

In fact, despite the manufacturers’ announcements and relatively high media coverage on the subject, virtual reality is still in its infancy. In 2016, only 9.2 million helmets sold worldwide, according to IDC. Analysts expect almost 6 times more by 2021.

High Tech Cleaning Gadgets for your house

High Tech Cleaning Gadget to Make Household Chores More Interesting

Tired of running after housekeeping? Want to have more time for you and your family ?

The beautiful days are coming soon, and our everyday life is transformed. The sun goes down later at night; we want to go out, to walk in the parks, do some picnics …
In short, we want everything, except perhaps spending hours to do the housework.

Here are five pieces of technology that will help to make house cleaning a breeze!

Smartphone Apps

All4home: Hundreds of tricks in your mobile!

all4home apps for cleaning choresHere is the ideal application for all those who struggle to organize their cleaning tasks. In addition to a very practical planning, All4Home presents itself as a real household assistant with its “tricks at random” and its awesome video tutorials. Perfect to get out of all the small issues of everyday life.

And if you are not stingy of good advice, you can also share your tips with other users. Online community support and digital go hand in hand!

OurHome: the ultimate home application

Let’s present our favorite App : OurHome. Why ? Because this Smartphone App is the most complete of the series.

OurHome is indeed a “private social network.” A real digital extension of your home. Find all the essential functions in one application: housekeeping, child involvement, reward system, shopping list and even a chat system to stay connected with everyone. We love!


Steam cleaner makes you happy

example of steam mop cleanerSanitize, clean, and dissolve dirt in no time: these are the three most important actions of steam cleaners. Thanks to them, you can ensure the maintenance of your entire home, from floor to ceiling: tiles, fabric sofas, sanitary ware, kitchen, but also car interior, terraces, and gardens. Remain to choose the one that suits you best.

A steam mop model is a good place to start but if you are serious about it you might want to consider buying a more bulky one like the Karcher SC5 for example !
AquaLift Self-Cleaning Technology

Nowadays, the vast majority of cooks have the function of self-cleaning. The principle is simple: the oven locks and heats to an extremely high temperature for an average of three hours. All the dirt is therefore reduced to ash. The process is very effective but has its share of irritants. Indeed, such intense heat for such a long period consumes a lot of energy. Also, a strong smell of burning is expected for a few hours (it is better to open the windows). Some manufacturers even recommend keeping pets away from the stove during cleaning! For these reasons, many people do not use (or little) self-cleaning, even if they have paid for it.

Some manufacturers even recommend keeping pets away from the stove during cleaning! For these reasons, many people do not use (or little) self-cleaning, even if they have paid for it.

MamiRobot SEVIAN K7 Titanium

It is a model of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner with a hand vacuum integrated wireless. It allows a complete and compact cleaning for a little more than 300 USD.

MamiRobot SEVIAN K7 TitaniumAdvanced functions: the device has several advantages:

Ultra-absorbent microfiber wipe is used for cleaning before and after cleaning. Naturally, impregnate it with a detergent and then it is used dry. Five wipes are also provided for purchase.
It is silent with its 55dB and, considering its cyclonic aspiration, the ratio power/noise is very impressive.

Easy access to the menu thanks to the digital screen.
A fast charging time is equal to its autonomy (2 hours). It is one of the devices that load pretty quickly.

We hope this will help you get rid of this unpleasant feeling when cleaning your home !

meet new pixel phone

Quick review of the Google Pixels


Whether we like the Pixel design or not, let’s face it with its glazed finishing and the rest of the aluminum shell, all those who have it in hand agree on at least one point: Finishes are exemplary.

google first real flagship phoneFrom the front panel, we could guess that the competition with the iPhone was back on, but its back is fairly unique in its kind with its double texture, and it is an element that is often sought when buying a smartphone.
It is not perfect for all that, and some regret the plastic bar for the antenna on the lower part, much more discreet or non-existent on some current high-end smartphones.

Some like it a lot; others do not hesitate to say that it is an empty feature, a mundane hull, only serving as support for the new software version proposed by Google.

All agree however that the front facade is a mess for ergonomics. Well, Google?

Why did you place the sensors underneath the loudspeaker rather than next to save space?
Why did you give the phone asymmetrical nose so protruding that even a Jew would become jealous of it? Why not take advantage of this unused space to integrate a dual loudspeaker on the front or capacitive keys and thus gain space on the screen?

Here are so many questions that can be found in different forms in almost all the reviews of Pixel and its big brother, the Pixel XL.

Fortunately, the grip is good, and its rounded corners do not bristle the palm. Furthermore, the fingerprint sensor falls quickly under the finger, even on the XL version.

However, Mashable points out that the device quickly becomes slippery.


The top of the hardware


very good in hand

Headphone jack, USB Type-C, AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 821, fast charging … Google wanted to make its Pixel a technological benchmark at the end of 2016 and apparently managed this move pretty well.
All those who have the Pixel in hand guarantee it, this is a high-end smartphone, and Android Police specifies besides that it is a “legitimate competitor” to the iPhone.

Difficult nevertheless in a few minutes to make a real impression of its performances.

The Pixel (1080p) and Pixel XL (Quad HD) screens seem nevertheless of quality, and TechCrunch greets, for example, the condition of the blacks of the AMOLED. For its part, TheVerge supports its brightness and reactivity, very useful in both cases.

We expected no less for a smartphone that wants to compete with the bests on the market.


The best camera on the market according to Google


The Pixel camera is talking about it because if it does not have an optical stabilizer, it still managed to take the best score ever obtained on DxOMark, the site specialized in digital photography.

On the spot, journalists do not have enough opportunity to carry out varied tests, but all seem to have come out amazed. Engadget speaks for example of an “unexpected level of detail for 12 megapixels”, while Mashable evokes an impressive trigger speed.

A point is unanimous in all reviews.

Have You Played Super Retro Boy? You Should!

There might have been a moment in your life when you would have thought of going back to the old days and relive the joys of being young. Well, time-travel may not be possible at the moment but you certainly can re-live the old days of the Nintendo Game boy by trying out the Super Retro Boy.

For quite some time, Retro-Bit has been remaking classic consoles and boy OH boy, have they surprised us all with the Super Retro Boy. The company has tried to emulate the original version as much as possible but have also made some valuable additions as well.

Super Retro Boy is able to play all of the cartridges you might have stashed in the days of the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. The console has been designed to only to feature all of the game cartridges that were released so many years ago. So it does give you a good excuse to re-live old memories or even try some of the games that might you might not have gotten a chance to play during those days.

The additions in this Super Retro Boy includes a TFT HD Display and a rechargeable battery that Retro-Bit is claiming will be able to provide 10 hours of non-stop game time. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to open up your storage and search for those old cartridges or better yet, you can find many of the classic games from that time online and start getting ready to experience the past.

There are no major additions to the design of the console as it has been given almost the same look as the original Game Boy. Well, of course, they couldn’t copy it off completely. Psst, copy writes.

If anything the console has been made lighter than the original version but that has no difference whatsoever on the overall appeal, design or experience of playing any games you might have liked.

The official release date for the Super Retro Boy is set to be sometime in August 2017. But it’s better if you start ordering or you could say pre-ordering and prepare yourselves for an ultimate experience. You can also get some of your favorite games in advance because there is a lot of hype for this console and you might have to rush in if you plan on cutting it too close.

These Snacks Are the Bomb

All of us around the world are somehow or someway in love with food. Food is one thing that is constant in our lives. We all think about food. We all consume food as much as we can. In the world of today, where time is short and there are many read-made solutions, snacks seem to be our new favorite food these days. Every now and then, each one of us has a favorite snack that we are in some ways addicted to. It could spicy crispy chips or cheese balls, snacks are our favorites for foodies like ourselves. So considering how all of us are in love with snacks, I have managed to put together a list of some snacks that I has everyone should try out because they are simply irresistible.

Pasta Bow Ties in Smooth Cheddar

Oh boy, the name just brings water in my mouth. If you’re a chips fans then this is something you should really try out because who wouldn’t want to get their hands on chips that come in shape of bow ties and are covered cheese.

The Bow Ties come in a variety of flavors Creamy Ranch, Meatball Parmesan, Smoked Cheddar, and Honey Butter. I personally took the time to try out a few of these and would recommend that all of these flavors are simply delicious. However, if I had to give you one option, my favorite was the smoked cheddar.

365 Ranch Tortilla Chips

This is something you don’t want to miss out on. Because believe us, it is awesome. The Ranch Tortilla Chips have just about everything you need or want in chips a pack. Just the right amount of salt, the right amount of garlic that will leave you licking your fingers after you get your hands on these.

365 Organic Pea Crisps

Well, we all love peas, don’t we? The answer could depend. But it’s a whole new food when they’ve made into a snack. Sort of like Cheetos but green and instead of cheese cover, they’re organic and just provide you with an essence of the real vegetable itself. I too had my reservation when I was about to try them out for the first time. But since the first bite, I haven’t looked back as they have become one of my favorite snacks.

Hi-Chew Sours (Grapefruit)

You might have tried Hi-Chew, honestly, not many people haven’t. It’s simply not resistible. Because it is one of the most renowned candies around the world. But it’s really hard to choose a flavor or pick one flavor as a favorite. However, after spending some time of eating Hi-Chew, I have come to the conclusion that the grapefruit flavor is probably the best one out.
Well there you go, these are only a few of the snacks that I often go to when I am looking to get my hands on something. But we’ll surely update you more about some other snacks as well. So stay tuned and meanwhile, get your hands on these.

Tech Radar: A Review of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

After the marvelous upgrade on the design with the release of iPhone 6 and 6s, apple fans all around the world had been waiting for what the company comes up with next. And boy Oh Boy we have all been left surprised because Apple decided to stick to the same pattern of design. Yes, it’s surprising to see that the company chose to break the pattern of coming up with a new design after every two releases. However, with only a few minor improvements to the design of iPhone 7 and 7 plus, Apple have decided to give a direct to the future to the smartphone technology.

The future of Smartphones Technology

The improvement in design I speak of is the antenna lines you saw in iPhone 6 or 6 plus that were a different color. Now they have been altered and fixed to match in the with the body color of the phone. Oh yes, that’s the improvement.

But this is not the decisive statement Apple have chosen to make. The company has decided to step into the future of mobile technology by introducing dual cameras at the back in the 7 plus version, that is totally awesome. You might have gotten used to home button that was physically pressable. Oh wait, now it’s gone. But has been replaced by pressure sensors and haptic vibration motors that have been installed to provide the feel of a button. The processor on both these phones, the A10 fusion processor is so strong that it provides the same caliber of performance as a laptop does. And lastly, pushing us all into a direction of wireless technology, Apple has decided to remove the headphone jack.

Both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are truly a step into the future. But they’re not exactly a full representation of it. The phones have been made waterproof. But that does not mean that you should go swimming with your phone, it only means that they can be casually used during rain or can come in direct contact with water for a little bit.

There have been additions made to the display as well. And with the dual camera of the 7 plus version, you can now capture photos and get a wider range of colors into it. All in all, it’s a great addition to the Apple collection. But if you want to compare it to the competition around in android phones, Apple have lagged behind a bit.

All in all, it’s a great phone to have once you have gotten used to all of the additions made. And believe me when I say, some might find it easy to adjust, some might find it hard. It may vary from person to person but Apple is truly trying to send us all in the direction of the future.

Improvements made in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus version include:

  • Antenna designs merged in body color in black and matt black versions
  • Dual cameras
  • Improved display
  • And of course, there’s no headphone jack.