Game Consoles

New Nintendo Switch is Out!

Released a week ago, the new Nintendo console wants to erase the failure of the Wii U by focusing on mobility and targeting young adults. Friday March 3rd. the Japanese manufacturer launched its new console, the Switch, sold 300 euros. Its main mission will be to erase the failure of its previous console, the Wii […]

Have You Played Super Retro Boy? You Should!

There might have been a moment in your life when you would have thought of going back to the old days and relive the joys of being young. Well, time-travel may not be possible at the moment but you certainly can re-live the old days of the Nintendo Game boy by trying out the Super Retro Boy.

For quite some time, Retro-Bit has been remaking classic consoles and boy OH boy, have they surprised us all with the Super Retro Boy. The company has tried to emulate the original version as much as possible but have also made some valuable additions as well.

Super Retro Boy is able to play all of the cartridges you might have stashed in the days of the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. The console has been designed to only to feature all of the game cartridges that were released so many years ago. So it does give you a good excuse to re-live old memories or even try some of the games that might you might not have gotten a chance to play during those days.