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Quick review of the Google Pixels

Design Whether we like the Pixel design or not, let’s face it with its glazed finishing and the rest of the aluminum shell, all those who have it in hand agree on at least one point: Finishes are exemplary. From the front panel, we could guess that the competition with the iPhone was back on, […]

New Nintendo Switch is Out!

Released a week ago, the new Nintendo console wants to erase the failure of the Wii U by focusing on mobility and targeting young adults. Friday March 3rd. the Japanese manufacturer launched its new console, the Switch, sold 300 euros. Its main mission will be to erase the failure of its previous console, the Wii […]

Have You Played Super Retro Boy? You Should!

There might have been a moment in your life when you would have thought of going back to the old days and relive the joys of being young. Well, time-travel may not be possible at the moment but you certainly can re-live the old days of the Nintendo Game boy by trying out the Super Retro Boy.

For quite some time, Retro-Bit has been remaking classic consoles and boy OH boy, have they surprised us all with the Super Retro Boy. The company has tried to emulate the original version as much as possible but have also made some valuable additions as well.

Super Retro Boy is able to play all of the cartridges you might have stashed in the days of the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. The console has been designed to only to feature all of the game cartridges that were released so many years ago. So it does give you a good excuse to re-live old memories or even try some of the games that might you might not have gotten a chance to play during those days.

These Snacks Are the Bomb

All of us around the world are somehow or someway in love with food. Food is one thing that is constant in our lives. We all think about food. We all consume food as much as we can. In the world of today, where time is short and there are many read-made solutions, snacks seem to be our new favorite food these days. Every now and then, each one of us has a favorite snack that we are in some ways addicted to. It could spicy crispy chips or cheese balls, snacks are our favorites for foodies like ourselves. So considering how all of us are in love with snacks, I have managed to put together a list of some snacks that I has everyone should try out because they are simply irresistible.

Tech Radar: A Review of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

After the marvelous upgrade on the design with the release of iPhone 6 and 6s, apple fans all around the world had been waiting for what the company comes up with next. And boy Oh Boy we have all been left surprised because Apple decided to stick to the same pattern of design. Yes, it’s surprising to see that the company chose to break the pattern of coming up with a new design after every two releases. However, with only a few minor improvements to the design of iPhone 7 and 7 plus, Apple have decided to give a direct to the future to the smartphone technology.

The improvement in design I speak of is the antenna lines you saw in iPhone 6 or 6 plus that were a different color. Now they have been altered and fixed to match in the with the body color of the phone. Oh yes, that’s the improvement.